Way before beginning her journey, it was Paige’s parents whom sparked her interest in fine unique pieces. Paige never thought that she would take the route in introducing her own line to the public - however because of her folks love for quality things, she figured that the apple wouldn't fall too far from the tree, and it surely has not. At The Gem Palette, you are guaranteed that not only will a specific piece enhance your look, but it will also make you feel precious, bringing your choice from our palette, everywhere you go. This is what brought Paige here, this day, to serve you.

Her palette of accessories change with the seasons - as her promise to you, is that you will always feel seen and thought of. Valuable and unapologetic. Alive and well! From minimalistic everyday pieces, to chic fabulous designs - it is difficult to believe that you will not find a piece that screams to the gem in YOU!